Palmdale Mayor Pro Tem Andrea Alarcón Faces DUI Arrest

Glendale, CA – December 12, 2023

Palmdale Mayor Pro Tem Andrea Alarcón

Palmdale Mayor Pro Tem Andrea Alarcón, 44, encountered legal troubles as she was arrested in the early hours of Friday on suspicion of driving under the influence. Glendale Police intervened after observing Alarcón’s erratic driving behavior in downtown Glendale, leading to a thorough DUI investigation and her subsequent arrest on misdemeanor charges. 

This incident has reignited concerns about Alarcón’s fitness for public office, especially considering her prior DUI history. Mayor Laura Bettencourt acknowledges the gravity of the situation, announcing that the City Council will address the matter at its upcoming meeting on Jan. 10, highlighting the need to investigate allegations and assess the city’s code of conduct for potential repercussions.

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