Rakhi Sawant Fires Back at Adil Khan Durrani and Rajshree More, Claims Jealousy Over Her New Car

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Rakhi Sawant Fires Back at Adil Khan Durrani and Rajshree More, Claims Jealousy Over Her New Car

Mumbai, India – September 29, 2023

Rakhi Sawant, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has vehemently responded to accusations made by Adil Khan Durrani and Rajshree More, igniting a legal feud that has captured headlines. The ongoing legal battles involve Rakhi Sawant, Adil Khan Durrani, Tanushree Dutta, and Rajshree More, who have all made allegations against each other and filed FIRs at the local police station.

Recently, Rajshree More lodged an FIR against Rakhi Sawant, invoking various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The charges include:

  1. IPC Section 509: Allegations of sexual harassment by a relative.
  2. IPC Section 504: Intentionally insulting someone with an ulterior motive to provoke them, leading to a disturbance of public peace.
  3. IPC Section 506: Punishment for criminal intimidation.
  4. IPC Section 500: Punishment for defamation.

Adil Khan Durrani expressed his frustration with what he described as Rakhi’s “fake drama” and the numerous legal cases against her.

In response to these allegations, Rakhi Sawant strongly countered the claims. She asserted, “She is doing all this to highlight her parlor and become a celebrity. The only chance that she has is because of me, so she is using my name to get famous, and nothing else. All these accusations are fake. She has made a complaint against me, not an FIR. So first, Rajshree needs to know the difference between them.”

Rakhi went on to express her regret for marrying Adil Khan Durrani, stating, “I feel like vomiting that I got married to Adil. I don’t know which pious water will clean my past. Adil has ruined my life completely.”

Regarding her former friend Rajshree, Rakhi made startling claims, alleging, “Rajshree hits her staff and gets them arrested with fake cases. They have all come to me. I have also come to know that she used to lock her staff in the room and do bad things. This is not a warning, I will make sure Rajshree gets punished for her crimes.”

Additionally, Rakhi refuted Adil’s claims about her car, saying, “Yeh log toh jal ke raakh ho gaye. Meri nayi car dekh kar jal rahe hai,” which translates to, “They are jealous of my new car. The car Adil is talking about is not the one Shahbaaz gifted me. I am lucky to have such friends who have gifted me an expensive car. Adil is lying about my car; he has no clue about it. It is worth Rs 41 Lakhs.”

Amidst these controversies, Rakhi Sawant expressed bewilderment about her in-laws’ behavior, stating, “I didn’t take the bulldozer to my in-laws’ place. Every time I go to Mysore, they lock their home and run away. Why are they hiding from me? They are the ones who tortured me and took all my money from me. Adil used to hit me, he still has no shame.”

The ongoing legal saga involving these public figures continues to unfold, capturing the attention of the media and the public alike.

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