Rapper Kodak Black Faces Cocaine Possession Charges in Plantation, Florida

Plantation, Florida – December 8, 2023

Rapper Kodak Black Faces Cocaine Possession Charges

Renowned rapper Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, found himself in legal turmoil after being arrested on charges of cocaine possession in Plantation, Florida, on Thursday, as revealed by court documents. The musician also faces additional charges, including tampering with physical evidence, probation violation, and improper stop or park.

The incident unfolded early Thursday morning when a Broward County officer noticed Kapri allegedly obstructing the path by parking in a roadway. Approaching the vehicle, the officer discovered Kapri alone and asleep, detecting a strong odor of burnt cannabis within the car. Further inspection led to the discovery of a styrofoam cup emitting an alcoholic aroma, along with cannabis wrapping paper and suspected cannabis residue, according to court documents.

Advised to exit his vehicle, Kapri’s encounter with the officer took a concerning turn when the officer, examining the rapper’s driver’s license and car registration, observed white powder falling from Kapri’s person. This prompted the suspicion that Kapri was attempting to discard illegal narcotics. After placing Kapri in handcuffs, the officer noticed white rock-like substances on the ground, identified by the rapper as Percocet. The on-site testing, however, confirmed the white substance as cocaine, weighing 4.1 grams, according to court documents.

Kapri was arrested and later released on a $5,000 bond on the same day. Despite the unfolding events, an attorney for Kapri has yet to respond to requests for comment.

This recent arrest is not the first legal entanglement for the 26-year-old rapper. In March, a Florida judge ordered him to attend a 30-day drug rehab program after allegedly testing positive for fentanyl, a violation of his bail terms. Mandatory testing was required as part of his pretrial release in connection with charges of “trafficking oxycodone.” Following an arrest warrant, his release was subsequently revoked. Kapri has a legal history that involves prior arrests, including accusations of “trespassing in Pompano Beach, Florida, on New Year’s Day 2022,” though charges were not pursued by prosecutors. In a different incident, he sustained injuries in a shooting outside a Los Angeles nightclub while “intervening” to assist someone facing an unprovoked attack. Additionally, Kapri spent “3½ years in federal prison in 2019” for providing “false information” on “mandatory firearms paperwork.” His sentence was commuted by then-President Donald Trump in 2020.

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