RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Addresses Donor Concerns: ‘There’s nothing unusual about this’

Washington, D.C. – November 28, 2023


In the face of growing concerns over the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) finances, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel dismissed donor apprehensions, emphasizing that the situation is not unusual. The reassurance comes in response to recent reports by the Washington Post highlighting a decline in donations to the RNC ahead of the upcoming presidential election in 2024.

According to the Washington Post’s findings, the RNC disclosed having $9.1 million in its coffers in October, a considerable drop from the $20 million reported during the same period in the 2016 presidential campaign cycle. In contrast, the Democratic National Committee reported having $17.7 million in cash reserves in October.

McDaniel, in an interview with the publication, contested the notion that the financial figures reflect a lack of strength in the RNC’s financial position. She argued that the decline in donations is a result of donors channeling their contributions directly to individual presidential candidates, expressing confidence that unity within the party would prevail as the nominee is selected.

“I think there’s more donors just fully committed to their candidate right now, saying I am all in, and once the nominee is set, I’ll be there. That’s what I hear more than anything. And they’re really solidly in the camps of their candidate, which is normal,” McDaniel explained. “There’s nothing unusual about this because they know that once their candidate gets in, we will merge, and that we’ll be working together to win the White House.”

Despite the reported financial dip, the RNC highlighted proactive measures it has taken, including deploying staff to 15 swing states for early get-out-the-vote efforts and election monitoring. The party also revealed the initiation of over 70 election integrity lawsuits and the establishment of a permanent Election Integrity Department. Additionally, McDaniel-led initiatives such as the Bank Your Vote program aim to encourage early and mail-in voting among Republicans.

An RNC spokesperson affirmed, “The RNC will continue to communicate with all campaigns and candidates as we look forward to putting our battle-tested infrastructure behind our Presidential nominee.”

Republicans pointed out that, when excluding transfers and comparing the RNC to its sister committees and Democratic counterparts, the RNC surpasses others in direct fundraising by $10 million, except the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Furthermore, the party contends that when juxtaposing current fundraising with the DNC’s fundraising without an incumbent in 2020 and 2016, the RNC either matches or surpasses its Democratic counterpart.

Despite facing criticism for her leadership in the wake of Republican losses in recent election cycles, McDaniel, who secured reelection to a fourth term as chair in January, remains steadfast in steering the RNC through the evolving political landscape. Challenges to her leadership were posed by California attorney “HarmeetDhillon and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell,” but McDaniel’s continued leadership prevailed.

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