Scottish Couple Drives Electric Vehicle 18,000 Miles from North to South Pole, a Global First

Scotland – December 21, 2023 


In a groundbreaking feat for electric vehicles (EVs), a Scottish couple, Chris and Julie Ramsey, has completed an extraordinary 18,000-mile journey from a location near the North Pole to the South Pole. The ambitious expedition, spanning 10 months, is believed to mark the first-ever pole-to-pole trip undertaken by any car, let alone an electric one.

Embarking on their unparalleled adventure, the couple piloted a modified Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE EV, equipped with larger tires to navigate the challenging terrains encountered along the way. Traversing 17 countries in North and South America, the journey subjected both the vehicle and its intrepid drivers to torrential rain, strong winds, and extreme temperatures, truly testing the limits of electric mobility.

Chris and Julie’s mission extended beyond the quest for a unique travel achievement; it sought to push the boundaries of EV capabilities, promote wider adoption of electric vehicles, and showcase their potential in reducing carbon footprints.

Upon reaching the South Pole, an elated Chris commented, “I can’t believe we’re at the South Pole.” He expressed unwavering confidence in electric vehicles, particularly the Nissan Ariya, stating, “I knew our Nissan Ariya would tackle everything thrown at it. But it’s been far tougher than I anticipated.”

Julie reflected on the incredible journey, stating, “This has been an incredible journey, with the people we’ve met, the friends we’ve made, and the support we’ve received.”

Throughout their trek, the couple utilized regular charging points to recharge the Nissan Ariya. In areas where charging facilities were unavailable, they turned to alternative energy sources, such as a 5kW wind turbine or portable solar panels, showcasing the adaptability and resilience of electric vehicles.

This isn’t the first time the Ramseys have undertaken a remarkable EV challenge. In 2017, they made history by completing the grueling 10,500-mile Mongol Rally in their Nissan Leaf, emphasizing the potential of EVs to capture public interest.

Having accomplished the pole-to-pole expedition, the couple plans to take a break over Christmas before deciding on their next venture. However, one thing is certain – their future endeavors will undoubtedly involve the pioneering use of electric cars, continuing their mission to push the boundaries of sustainable and adventurous travel.

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