Shocking Murder in Southern California: Bartender Arrested for Allegedly Beating Woman to Death with Fire Extinguisher

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Shocking Murder in Southern California

Laguna Beach, California – November 19, 2023

In a horrifying incident that unfolded early Sunday, a Southern California man, identified as Dino Rojas-Moreno, has been apprehended and charged with murder after allegedly brutally beating a woman to death with a fire extinguisher. The “Orange County District Attorney’s Office” announced on Friday, shedding light on the disturbing details of the case.

The accused, a 26-year-old bartender, is accused of assaulting Tatum Goodwin, 27, near her car in a parking lot in Laguna Beach around 1 a.m. on Sunday. Following the initial assault, Rojas-Moreno allegedly dragged the woman to a secluded area behind a movie theater under construction and fatally beat her with the fire extinguisher, according to prosecutors.

The motive behind this shocking crime has not been released by the district attorney’s office, leaving many questions unanswered. It remains unclear whether Rojas-Moreno and Tatum had any prior relationship, as the case is still under investigation.

Tatum Goodwin’s family members, speaking to NBC Los Angeles, expressed that they are not familiar with Rojas-Moreno, adding another layer of mystery to this tragic incident.

Dino Rojas-Moreno faces charges of murder, with additional enhancements for committing the crime during a kidnapping and the personal use of a weapon, as per the district attorney’s office. The victim’s lifeless body was discovered around 8:20 a.m. on Sunday at the construction site where the heinous act took place.

Rojas-Moreno was apprehended on Wednesday in Laguna Hills, near Laguna Beach, and bail was set at $1 million, according to a statement from the Laguna Beach police. The police department assured the public that detectives have determined this to be an isolated incident, emphasizing that there is no further threat to the community.

As the investigation unfolds, online court records did not reveal an attorney for Rojas-Moreno as of Friday night. An arraignment is scheduled for Monday, according to the district attorney’s office, marking a critical step in the legal proceedings surrounding this shocking and tragic case.

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