Simona Halep Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Quantum Nutrition Over Doping Scandal

New York – February 17, 2024 

Simona Halep Files $10 Million Lawsuit

Amidst a four-year doping ban, Romanian tennis star Simona Halep is taking legal action against Quantum Nutrition, seeking damages exceeding $10 million. Filed in the “Supreme Court of the State of New York,” the lawsuit alleges that the Canadian health supplements company, also known as SchinoussaSuperfoods, was “careless and negligent” in allowing their products to be contaminated with the banned substance roxadustat.

Halep, a two-time grand slam winner, tested positive for roxadustat during the 2022 US Open, a substance that can enhance an athlete’s endurance performance. The legal complaint claims that the product’s label did not disclose the presence of roxadustat. Halep insists she unknowingly consumed the banned substance through Schinoussa supplements during the tournament.

The damages sought by Halep include compensation for loss of income, earning capacity, emotional distress, and the overall impact on her personal and professional life. The legal action highlights the severity of the doping scandal’s consequences on the tennis star, whose suspension runs until October 6, 2026.

Quantum Nutrition founder John Koveos has refuted the claims, asserting the company’s clean record with regularly tested athletes. Despite earning over $40 million in prize money throughout her career, Halep’s legal pursuit underscores the profound impact of the doping controversy on her reputation and financial standing. 

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