Snowfall Paralyzes Moscow: Severe Blizzard Hits Russian Capital with Decades-Worth of Snow

Moscow – December 16, 2023

Snowfall Paralyzes Moscow: Severe Blizzard Hits Russian Capital

Unprecedented snowfall has blanketed the Russian capital, Moscow, causing widespread chaos on roads and prompting the closure of schools. The city grappled with severe blizzards on Friday, resulting in major thoroughfares being buried under a historic amount of snow. Meteorologists are dubbing it the most intense snowstorm to hit Moscow in the past six decades.

Truck drivers faced particularly challenging conditions as more than 20cm of snow, coupled with strong winds, disrupted traffic and created hazardous road conditions. The continuous blizzards deposited over a fifth of the average December snowfall in Moscow within a mere 24 hours. Meteorological stations across the city reported substantial snow accumulation, transforming the urban landscape into picturesque yet chaotic scenes.

Motorists found themselves wrestling with the task of freeing their cars from snow-covered parking spaces, contributing to the overall disarray. The Gismeteo weather website indicates that Moscow’s total December snowfall could potentially reach 50cm, marking the highest recorded for this month in recent history.

Against the winter backdrop, a woman is pictured walking her pet in western Moscow on December 15, 2023. Reports from Russian television highlight the widespread impact of the heavy snowfall, forcing the closure of schools across the country.

The severity of the blizzard is underscored by a massive 10km traffic jam that emerged overnight on the M4, one of Russia’s major roads. Motorists found themselves stranded in freezing temperatures, highlighting the challenges posed by the extreme weather conditions. The event serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of winter in Moscow and its capacity to disrupt daily life on a grand scale.

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