Technical Glitch Frustrates Taylor Swift Fans on ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ Vault Song Reveal Quest with Google

Technical Glitch Frustrates Taylor Swift Fans on '1989 (Taylor's Version)' Vault Song Reveal Quest with Google

Los Angeles, CA – September 20, 2023

Taylor Swift has once again embarked on a creative journey, partnering with Google to offer fans a unique experience ahead of the release of “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” However, what was meant to be an exciting Easter egg hunt for Swifties took an unexpected turn as technical difficulties left fans feeling stranded.

The excitement began when Taylor Swift, during a performance in Los Angeles last month, announced her plans to re-record her iconic “1989” album. This revamped version, aptly titled “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” promises to include previously unreleased tracks from the vault, much to the delight of her ardent followers. These unreleased tracks have become a highly sought-after treasure for fans who both stream and purchase Taylor Swift’s re-recorded albums. They were initially revealed through intriguing videos featuring scrambled letters in albums like “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” and “Red (Taylor’s Version).”

Google, wanting to join in on the excitement, made an announcement. They shared that their search function would present 89 puzzles for fans to decode, ultimately revealing the titles of these eagerly awaited new songs. Google expressed its enthusiasm, stating, “By solving 33 million puzzles collectively, you’ll be assisting Swifties worldwide in uncovering these hidden gems (or unlocking the vault).” The challenge involved deciphering the jumbled name of Swift’s upcoming album, which would, in turn, lead to more puzzles as users input their answers into the search bar.

However, the journey swiftly turned frustrating for many fans, including an NBC News reporter, who encountered technical glitches preventing them from making progress. Swifties worldwide encountered a series of baffling challenges, leaving them unable to engage fully or disheartened due to the excessive number of puzzle completions needed, particularly when the game was experiencing technical difficulties.

Some fans expressed their exasperation, suggesting that the sheer scale of participation was overwhelming Google’s system. “I feel like Taylor constantly forgets how big she is,” one user lamented, alluding to the vast number of puzzle attempts. Another quipped, “We’re definitely not getting 33 million before the album comes out with this stupid vault not working.”

In response to the technical hitches, Google issued an update on X, stating, “Swifties, the vault is jammed! But don’t worry, there are no blank spaces inside. We’re in our fix-it era and will be out of the woods soon.” Meanwhile, representatives for Taylor Swift remained silent on the matter.

To add to the intrigue, Swift herself posted a video on Instagram featuring a blue vault opening, along with a caption teasing fans, “You can tell me when the search is over… if the high was worth the pain.” This cryptic message triggered a spike in Google searches for “Taylor Swift,” reaching its zenith two hours after her post.

Despite the technical hiccups, fans eagerly anticipate the release of “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” scheduled for October 27, precisely nine years after the original album’s debut.

For more updates on Taylor Swift and her musical endeavors, stay tuned.

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