The Streets’ Mike Skinner Describes His Debut Film as a ‘Nightmare’ and an ‘Obsession’ to Create

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The Streets' Mike Skinner Describes His Debut Film as a 'Nightmare' and an 'Obsession' to Create

London, UK – September 18, 2023

Mike Skinner, the genius behind The Streets, famous for delivering lyrical snapshots of life’s mundane moments, is stepping onto the big screen with his debut film, “The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light.” In an exclusive interview with Sky News at the film’s London premiere, Skinner shared the journey of his long-anticipated cinematic venture.

Skinner, whose music has resonated with audiences since the release of “Original Pirate Material” in 2001, has now ventured into filmmaking, presenting a “tripped out neo-noir” murder mystery. This ambitious project tells the story of a struggling skyDJ’s seemingly ordinary life. Skinner takes on multiple roles as the film’s creator, writer, director, cinematographer, editor, and even stars in the lead role.

Known for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary with his nuanced lyrics, Skinner’s transition to film is eagerly awaited. Additionally, there’s an album in the works, marking The Streets’ return after more than a decade (excluding the 2020 mix-tape collaboration, “None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive”).

Describing his film, Skinner explained to Sky News that it’s a musical with the songs serving as the voiceover. However, he humorously assured fans that there would be no “jazz hands or dancing around on lampposts” in this production. He acknowledged that the storyline, initially conceived as a film noir, took an unexpected turn.

The film features scenes shot in iconic London venues such as Visions and Hoxton Hall, as well as Manchester’s Warehouse Project and Club Liv. Skinner confirmed his role in the film as a DJ, emphasizing that this aspect closely mirrors his real-life experiences. However, he clarified that the film is not autobiographical but rather inspired by the people and places he knows.

While The Streets paused in 2011 before announcing a reunion tour in 2017, Skinner continued his creative journey through projects like The D.O.T and DJing. He emphasized the communal aspect of music and DJing, likening it to the emotional intensity of adolescence when music symbolizes pivotal life moments.

Regarding the film’s development, Skinner likened it to his second album, “A Grand Don’t Come For Free,” which catapulted him to fame. Just as the album was a concept-driven narrative, his film continues in a similar vein, but this time, it’s a musical.

The music for the film was ready years ago, but Skinner confessed to sitting on it, waiting for the right moment to release it. While relaunching The Streets and arranging a reunion tour was a smooth process, getting the film off the ground proved to be the more challenging endeavor. Faced with difficulties securing funding, Skinner resolved to finance the project himself in 2019.

Now, as the film prepares to grace cinema screens, Skinner admits to feeling “completely overwhelmed.” In the days leading up to the premiere, he struggled to perfect the finishing touches. He humorously described the transition from frantic preparations to being groomed for the premiere as “completely bonkers.” In essence, he realized that a work of art is never truly finished but eventually abandoned.

As Skinner embarks on the promotional tour for “The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light,” he will engage in Q&A sessions at Everyman Cinemas. This venture is set to kick off in Plymouth on September 19 and conclude in London on October 6.

Simultaneously, The Streets are gearing up for their sixth full-length album, “The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light,” slated for release on October 20. The album’s tour will commence shortly afterward, promising fans a full dose of The Streets’ unique artistry.

For more updates on Mike Skinner’s film debut and The Streets’ upcoming album and tour, stay tuned.

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