Three House Republicans Defy Party Line in Vote Against Impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas

Washington, D.C. – February 07, 2023

Vote Against Impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas

On Tuesday, House Republicans faced a setback in their attempt to impeach Homeland Security Secretary “Alejandro Mayorkas,” highlighting internal divisions within the party. The narrow margin of 214-216 against the articles of impeachment revealed that three Republicans chose not to support the motion, citing policy disagreements over the handling of the southern border crisis.

Here’s a closer look at the three GOP lawmakers who defied the party consensus:

Ken Buck has been no stranger to clashes with GOP leadership, and in the lead-up to the vote, he expressed skepticism about the grounds for impeaching Mayorkas. While acknowledging the secretary’s perceived incompetence and failure in his role, Buck maintained that such shortcomings did not meet the historical standard for an impeachable offense.

In an opinion column for The Hill, Buck criticized Mayorkas, labeling him as “incompetent” and “an embarrassment.” However, he asserted that maladministration and incompetence, in his view, did not warrant impeachment.

Mike Gallagher’s unexpected vote against impeachment raised eyebrows among House Republicans. Before the vote, Gallagher voiced concerns during a closed-door meeting, questioning the legitimacy of impeaching Mayorkas. Despite efforts by Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee “Mark Green” to sway his vote, Gallagher remained steadfast in his decision.

In a post-vote statement, Gallagher warned against the dangers of perpetuating the cycle of impeachment, stating that removing Mayorkas would only contribute to the ongoing challenges faced by the nation.

Tom McClintock, initially undecided, clarified his position on the morning of the vote. In a comprehensive 10-page statement, McClintock echoed the concerns of his colleagues, emphasizing the lack of sufficient grounds for impeachment.

According to McClintock, addressing the border crisis would require a comprehensive solution post-2024 elections, urging the American people to exercise their voice at the ballot box to bring about change.

The failure of the impeachment effort signals a broader ideological divide within the Republican Party, raising questions about its unity and ability to advance key legislative priorities in the current political climate. As the party grapples with internal dissent, the focus now shifts to how Republicans will navigate future challenges and disagreements within their ranks.

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