Three Perish in Calgary Shed Fire at Crowfoot Crossing

Calgary, AB – December 12, 2023

Three Perish in Calgary Shed Fire

In a devastating turn of events, three individuals were discovered lifeless at the scene of a shed fire just outside a hardware store in northwest Calgary on Monday. The incident unfolded in the early hours, prompting emergency crews to respond swiftly to the blaze located outside a Lowe’s store.

According to fire officials, the tragic event occurred shortly before 4 a.m. in the city’s northwest quadrant. The victims, unfortunately, lost their lives inside the shed, with the grim discovery made after firefighters successfully extinguished the flames.

Carol Henke, spokesperson for the fire department, revealed, “There is some belief that the people were using it as a shelter.” The circumstances surrounding why the individuals sought refuge in the shed remain unclear, and authorities are actively reviewing CCTV footage in an attempt to unravel the mystery.

Local law enforcement is collaborating with the fire department to investigate the incident further. The cause of the fire remains unknown at this time, adding a layer of complexity to the ongoing inquiry.

As the fire department and police arson unit diligently work to piece together the sequence of events leading to this tragic loss of life, the community is left grappling with the somber reality of the incident. The occurrence acts as a “poignant reminder” of the significance of fire safety and the potential hazards linked to seeking shelter in non-traditional places.

The city of Calgary mourns the loss of these three lives, and our thoughts are with the affected families as they navigate through this heartbreaking time.

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