Three Windsor Men Apprehended on Child Exploitation Charges Following Multi-Provincial Operation

Windsor – December 6, 2023

In a joint force operation spanning three provinces, the Windsor Police Service’s Child Exploitation Unit (ICE) conducted a series of operations between Nov. 27 and 30, resulting in the arrest of three individuals from Windsor on child exploitation-related charges.

An 84-year-old man is facing a total of three charges related to child pornography, including three counts of possession, two counts of accessing, and two counts of making child pornography available.

A second suspect, aged 66, is confronted with charges comprising two counts of possession, two counts of accessing, and two counts of making child pornography available. The third individual, a 40-year-old, is charged with four counts of child pornography, four counts of accessing, and three counts of making child pornography available.

The arrests were part of a broader operation, as revealed in a news release from the Quebec police, which reported a total of 26 arrests related to child pornography in the province during the same period.

Collaborating with law enforcement agencies in New Brunswick and Ontario, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) played a crucial role in the investigations. The OPP contributed through its provincial strategy targeting the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet. Additionally, the “Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and other local police services” were instrumental in the success of the operation.

The Windsor Police Service, emphasizing its commitment to tackling child exploitation, stated that these arrests are a result of ongoing efforts to safeguard children and communities from individuals involved in such illicit activities. The joint operation underscores the importance of interagency collaboration in addressing the complex challenges posed by child exploitation, particularly in the digital realm.

As legal proceedings commence, the community awaits further updates on this significant case that highlights the ongoing commitment of law enforcement to combat child exploitation and ensure the safety of the most vulnerable members of society.

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