Tiger Woods Partners with TaylorMade to Launch Sun Day Red, a Revolutionary Lifestyle Brand

February 14, 2024

Tiger Woods Partners with TaylorMade to Launch Sun Day Red

Golf legend Tiger Woods has joined forces with TaylorMade to introduce Sun Day Red, an innovative lifestyle brand set to debut on May 1. This development comes on the heels of Woods’ recent departure from a nearly three-decades-long collaboration with Nike.

Sun Day Red marks a significant step in Tiger Woods’ entrepreneurial journey, presenting itself as a distinct entity with its team of designers. The brand will encompass a diverse range of apparel and footwear, combining style and performance to cater to a wide audience.

The official launch, scheduled for May 1 in the U.S. and Canada, will premiere a tailored line of apparel for men. Sun Day Red has ambitious plans to expand globally over time, extending its product offerings to encompass “women’s and children’s collections,” as well as a dedicated “footwear line.”

The announcement of Sun Day Red’s partnership with TaylorMade follows Woods’ decision to conclude his 27-year association with Nike. Having collaborated with TaylorMade since 2017 through a multiyear equipment endorsement agreement, Woods has played a pivotal role in the development of various products, including the highly acclaimed P•7TW irons and the Milled Grind wedge line.

The brand name, Sun Day Red, pays homage to Woods’ tradition of donning red attire on tournament Sundays, a superstition that has seen him clinch 15 major championships. The logo incorporates these victories into its design, reflecting the brand’s commitment to Woods’ legacy and success on the golf course.

Sun Day Red promises a unique touch of Woods’ meticulous attention to detail in its designs. Anticipate features such as two-way zippers, pocket seaming for reduced bulk, and enhanced shoulder seaming to facilitate unrestricted swings. Woods shared his excitement, stating, “Sun Day Red will embody a love of playing and competing, and we are for people that share those values, whether it’s on the course or in life.”

The brand’s commitment to athlete-centric product decisions is emphasized, drawing on TaylorMade Golf’s expertise in bringing innovative concepts to life. Industry veterans have been enlisted to steer the brand’s trajectory, with Brad Blankinship, formerly associated with Quiksilver and RVCA, appointed as the President of Sun Day Red.

Sun Day Red’s product lineup will feature cutting-edge patterns, temperature-controlling materials, and other technical elements geared toward enhancing performance. With Tiger Woods’ invaluable insights and TaylorMade’s expertise, Sun Day Red is poised to make waves in the lifestyle and golf apparel market, capturing the essence of playing and competing at the highest level. Stay tuned for a revolution in sportswear and lifestyle fashion as Sun Day Red takes center stage.

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