Trill Burgers Shortens Hours to Satisfy Massive NRG Stadium Crowd During Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour

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Trill Burgers Shortens Hours to Satisfy Massive NRG Stadium Crowd During Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour
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Houston, TX – September 24, 2023

Ever since its grand opening in June, Trill Burgers has been an unstoppable culinary sensation, boasting lines out the door, serving A-list celebrities like Drake and Mike Tyson, and causing literal traffic gridlocks with its popular drive-thru.

However, even a powerhouse establishment like Trill Burgers knows better than to underestimate the dedication of the Beyhive. For this weekend only, on September 23rd and 24th, the beloved Montrose-area eatery will operate under limited hours, specifically from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. This strategic adjustment is in response to the overwhelming demand from fans thronging to NRG Stadium for Beyoncé’s highly-anticipated Renaissance Tour.

Bun B, co-owner of Trill Burgers, expressed the restaurant’s commitment to providing a seamless dining experience for concertgoers, saying in a social media video, “We want to make sure that we have our stations fully stocked so that people don’t miss this amazing show that she’s bringing. We know the Beyhive don’t play, and Trill Burgers don’t play either.”

To expedite service, Trill Burgers will temporarily streamline its menu, offering only beef burgers during this period, regretfully leaving out vegan options. Additionally, there will be a strict limit of two burgers per person to ensure everyone gets a taste of the delectable offerings.

Due to the unique stage setup at NRG Stadium, Trill Burgers will operate from only two of its usual four stands, specifically Sections 135 and 548.

As fans gear up for this unforgettable musical experience, CultureMap has you covered with essential guides on what to wear, events celebrating Beyoncé, and the latest traffic and parking updates.

In the sweltering Texas heat expected during the Renaissance Tour, fans are urged to stay hydrated, dress comfortably, and practice heat safety while celebrating the iconic Beyoncé.

For more event details and updates, stay tuned.

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