U.S. Forces Expels Former Chilean Army Officer Accused in the Killing of Folk Singer Victor Jara

Miami, FL – December 2, 2023

U.S. Forces Expels Former Chilean Army Officer Accused in the Killing of Folk Singer Victor Jara

In a significant development, the United States has expelled “Pedro Barrientos,” a former Chilean Army officer accused of torturing and killing “folk singer Victor Jara” during Chile’s tumultuous 1973 coup. Barrientos, who moved to “Florida” in 1990, was deported from the country after losing his U.S. citizenship earlier this year for failing to disclose information about his military service during “immigration proceedings.”

“Victor Jara,” a renowned singer, an enthusiastic advocate of socialist President “Salvador Allende,” and a university professor faced a tragic end in the aftermath of Allende’s overthrow on September 11, 1973. Following his capture, Jara was transported to a stadium in Santiago, where numerous prisoners were held. In this harrowing setting, he suffered brutal beatings and ultimately met his demise through a barrage of at least 44 bullets. His cruel fate marked one of the early casualties under the oppressive regime of General Augusto Pinochet, the orchestrator of the coup.

“Barrientos” has consistently refuted any connection to the murder of “Jara.” Nevertheless, in 2016, a federal jury in Florida held him responsible for the torture and murder of “Jara” in a civil case initiated by “Joan Turner Jara,” the widow of the British dancer.

Following the revocation of his U.S. citizenship, Homeland Security Investigations confirmed Barrientos’ removal on Thursday on a flight from Miami. Upon his arrival in Chile, he was taken into custody by local law enforcement officials, marking a crucial development in the pursuit of justice for Victor Jara.

The expulsion underscores the commitment to accountability for human rights abuses, even decades after the crimes occurred. The case of Victor Jara remains a poignant symbol of resistance against oppressive regimes, and the legal actions against Barrientos serve as a reminder that justice has no statute of limitations.

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