Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Addresses National Defense University Amidst White House Pressure for Increased Aid

Washington, D.C. – December 12, 2023

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Addresses National Defense University

Ukrainian President “Volodymyr Zelenskyy” has arrived in “Washington, D.C.,” and is set to deliver a crucial address at the National Defense University on Monday. The White House’s relentless push for additional aid to Ukraine adds significance to Zelenskyy’s speech, scheduled for 12 p.m. ET, with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expected to provide introductory remarks.

Amidst Ukraine’s ongoing struggle against Russia, the country is actively seeking increased U.S. military support. The White House plans to escalate its efforts on Capitol Hill this week, urging Congress to pass new funding as part of a comprehensive emergency supplemental aid package.

Zelenskyy’s visit to the White House on Tuesday, where he will meet with President Joe Biden, underscores the urgency of his appeal for additional U.S. military aid. The press secretary of the White House, “Karine Jean-Pierre” emphasized the meeting’s purpose, stating it aims “to underscore the United States’ unshakeable commitment to supporting the people of Ukraine as they defend themselves against Russia’s brutal invasion.”

As Russia intensifies its missile and drone strikes against Ukraine, discussions during the meeting are expected to focus on Ukraine’s immediate needs and the critical importance of sustained U.S. support.

Senate Majority Leader “Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)” and Minority Leader “Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)” have extended an invitation for Zelenskyy to address all members of the Senate on Tuesday, according to a Senate leadership aide.

Zelenskyy’s chief of staff, AndriyYermak, issued a warning last week, stressing the urgency of timely military aid from the U.S. “If the help, which is now debating in Congress, will be just postponed, it gives the big risk that we can be in the same position where we’re located now,” Yermak stated during an appearance at the U.S. Institute for Peace in Washington.

He emphasized the critical importance of swift support, urging that the proposed aid be voted on and approved as soon as possible.

However, the Senate remains divided over the aid package initially proposed by President Biden, which includes support for Israel. Republicans are pushing for provisions on U.S. border security to be included, but negotiations with Democrats have yet to yield an agreement. The unfolding developments underscore the complexity of the discussions and the high stakes involved in addressing Ukraine’s urgent needs in the face of escalating hostilities.

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