Veterans Day 2023: What’s Open and What’s Closed 

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United States – November 10, 2023

This year’s upcoming weekend isn’t just any regular break – it’s Veterans Day. Held annually on November 11th, it marks the end of “World War I,” originally known as “Armistice Day.” However, a 1954 act expanded its scope to honor veterans from all conflicts.

The Department of Veterans Affairs underscores the importance of this occasion, emphasizing it as a time to honor American veterans for their patriotism, devotion to the nation, and resolute dedication to serving and giving up for the betterment of society. As Veterans Day occurs on a Saturday in the current year, numerous government offices and local agencies will recognize the holiday on the preceding Friday. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect across various sectors.

Stores and Businesses

While most small businesses usually maintain their regular hours on Veterans Day, some might opt for reduced hours or closures on Saturday or Sunday. To be certain, it’s advisable to call ahead to check the operating status of your local spots.

  • The United States Postal Service won’t conduct mail deliveries on Saturdays, whereas private courier services such as FedEx and UPS will continue their regular operations.
  • Many supermarket and department store chains, such as Costco, ALDI, Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, Safeway, Publix, Walgreens, and CVS will maintain their usual operating hours on Fridays. Yet, smaller in-store pharmacies, especially those situated within supermarkets, might have adjusted schedules or could be closed.

Public Transit:

  • Metrorail and Metrobus in the D.C. area will run on a Saturday schedule on Friday, in observance of the holiday.
  • Maryland’s MARC commuter trains will follow the R schedule on Friday across all three lines, while bus services will see limited operations.
  • VRE service won’t be available on Friday.

Local Observances in the District (DC) and Surrounding Counties

  • Veterans Day, observed this Friday in the District, will lead to closures in several establishments, such as Department of Motor Vehicles sites and the majority of employment offices. However, select library branches will maintain limited operating hours.
  • Waste and recycling collection planned for Friday will be rescheduled for Saturday.
  • In neighboring Maryland counties like Charles, Prince George’s, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, and Fairfax counties and Virginia’s Arlington, similar closures for government offices, libraries, and public schools are anticipated.

Veterans Day Celebrations and Offerings

In celebration of Veterans Day, numerous local and national restaurants and stores offer special deals and freebies for veterans and active-duty military personnel. These offerings range from complimentary meals to discounts. 

It’s advisable to call or check ahead with the specific establishments for details on what they’re offering and any requirements, like presenting valid military identification.

This Veterans Day, as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation, various establishments across different states are extending these offers to honor the service and sacrifice of our military personnel.

National Chains Offering Veterans Day Deals

  • Big names such as Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chick-fil-A, Cracker Barrel, Denny’s, Dunkin, IHOP, Krispy Kreme, Little Caesars, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse, and Village Inn are among those offering specials for veterans and active-duty military members.

It’s a day to honor and appreciate the service of our veterans, and these gestures from businesses across the country are a heartfelt acknowledgment of their dedication and sacrifice.

This Veterans Day, individuals can seize the opportunity to celebrate and express gratitude to those who have served and continue to serve our nation. Businesses are coming together to offer these special recognitions, adding a touch of appreciation to this commemorative day.

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