Yonkers Unveils Expanded Recycling Program Introducing Backyard Composting Bins

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Yonkers Unveils Expanded Recycling Program Introducing Backyard Composting Bins

November 11, 2023

In an ambitious move to bolster environmental sustainability, “Mayor Mike Spano,” together with “Yonkers Department of Public Works Commissioner Thomas Meier,” has launched an expansive recycling initiative. This landmark program, introduced on November 3, signals the city’s steadfast commitment to minimizing waste and curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Expressing wholehearted support for the initiative, Mayor Mike Spano championed the cause during the launch event, affirming, “My family composts in our yard, and I encourage other households to do the same. Let’s continue to be leaders in creating a cleaner, greener, more sustainable Yonkers.”

The crux of this endeavor lies in the provision of backyard composting bins to residents, aiming to fortify recycling efforts. These bins are designed to accommodate a diverse array of organic materials, including cardboard, leaves, grass clippings, annual plants, wood ashes, vegetable and fruit peelings, and coffee grounds. Notably, the compost produced through this method matures within a span of two to six months, offering a valuable soil supplement and mulch.

Yonkers has taken proactive steps in the realm of recycling, evident in the successful launch of a home food scrap recycling program in 2022. This innovative program equips residents with food scrap recycling kits, facilitating the storage and drop-off of food scraps at the Yonkers Recycling Center. Furthermore, the city has piloted a curbside food scrap collection program, diverting nearly 8 tons of food scraps from the solid waste stream since May this year.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of these initiatives, Yonkers Public Works Commissioner Tom Meier remarked, “Through our composting program, we are extracting food and yard waste from the solid waste stream, reducing the volume destined for trash incineration. I encourage residents to engage in food scrap recycling and backyard composting, contributing to environmental preservation, cost savings for taxpayers, and access to free, top-quality compost that enriches soil health and resilience.”

Residents keen on participating in these groundbreaking programs can obtain Food Scrap Collection Kits for $20 and Backyard Compost Bins for $15 at the “Yonkers Recycling Center” situated at “735 Saw Mill River Road.” The center operates Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am to 4:15 pm. As part of the launch, a limited supply of Backyard Composters will be available for free, highlighting the city’s dedication to promoting and facilitating sustainable practices among its residents.

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