Brazil's Ambitious Agenda: G20 Presidency Prioritizes Poverty Alleviation and Climate Action ____________________

By Knowladgey Team

November 25, 2023

President Lula's Agenda: Combatting Poverty, Mitigating Climate Change

President Lula unveils Brazil's strategic priorities for its G20 presidency, emphasizing a commitment to combat poverty, mitigate climate change, and advocate for global governance reform. The announcement sets the stage for Brazil's leadership starting December 1.

Urgency and Immediate Action

President Lula underscores the urgency of addressing immediate global challenges. Key focus areas include the reduction of hunger and poverty, tackling climate change impacts, and advocating for reforms in global governance structures.

G20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro 2024

The G20 summit in Rio de Janeiro, scheduled for November 2024, will be the focal point for discussions on poverty, climate change, and global governance reforms. President Lula expresses optimism about finding comprehensive solutions on the international stage.

Global Governance Critique

President Lula criticizes global governance failures, particularly within institutions like the IMF, World Bank, and the United Nations. He advocates for an expansion of the permanent U.N. Security Council to better reflect the current geopolitical landscape.

Unsustainable Functioning of Global Institutions

Lula emphasizes that current global institutions' functioning is untenable in the face of evolving global dynamics. He calls for substantial changes in institutions like the Bretton Woods entities, stating that lending money to countries without substantial change is insufficient.

Path Forward: Meetings and Ambitious Outcomes

G20's foreign ministers and finance ministers are set to convene in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, laying the groundwork for the 2024 summit. Brazil's ambitious agenda reflects a commitment to collaboration, aiming for tangible outcomes in policies related to poverty, climate, and governance on the international stage.

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