Breaking Barriers: Washington State Patrol Welcomes Lateral Entry Recruits ____________________

By Knowladgey Team

November 17, 2023

Historic Turn: 102-Year-Old Washington State Patrol Embraces Change

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) is rewriting its history by introducing a "lateral entry" recruitment strategy to address staffing challenges. A $20,000 bonus incentive aims to attract experienced officers from diverse jurisdictions, shaping the agency's future.

Chief Batiste's Vision

Chief John R. Batiste emphasizes the significance of experienced law enforcement officers contributing to the WSP's mission. The lateral entry initiative aligns with the agency's commitment to better serve the needs of Washingtonians.

Legislation Paves the Way: House Bill 1638 and Expedited Recruitment

House Bill 1638, passed unanimously in April, established the "state trooper expedited recruitment incentive program." With over 250 trooper openings, the legislation streamlines the recruitment process for seasoned officers, addressing the WSP's staffing challenges.

Accelerated Training for Lateral Entry Candidates

Lateral entry candidates benefit from a more expedited training schedule, emphasizing the agency's commitment to diversity. The legislation streamlines the process for eligible candidates with prior law enforcement knowledge and experience.

Marching Forward: Inaugural Class in March 2024

The WSP aims to initiate its first class of 40 lateral hires in March 2024, with a second class later in the year. The agency is committed to diverse and efficient recruitment, recognizing individual credentials and experience.

Attractive Compensation and Open Opportunities

Beyond recruitment expansion, the WSP offers competitive salaries and hiring bonuses. Trooper cadets can now receive bonuses of up to $10,000. Prerequisites include a high school diploma, age requirement, a valid driver's license, and a clean record. The agency's progressive approach reflects a commitment to public safety and law enforcement excellence.