Celebrities Who Faced Obsessive Stalkers

By Knowladgey Team

September 30, 2023


Miley Cyrus found herself compelled to initiate legal proceedings against a 52-year-old individual who, following his release from prison, appeared at her residence. The court granted her a restraining order, highlighting the disturbing reality of celebrity stalkers.

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Katrina Kaif faced the chilling experience of being stalked for nearly nine months by an obsessive fan who closely monitored her every move. Her resilience in dealing with this ordeal is truly commendable.

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Were you aware that Taylor Swift carries high-level medical dressings meant for military use as a precaution against potential knife or firearm threats from obsessive stalkers? She has faced numerous threats over the years, leading her to take extraordinary precautions.

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Following the release of 'Dostana,' John Abraham had to deal with a male admirer who turned into a stalker, even attempting to contact his parents. The situation escalated, eventually requiring police intervention.

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Keira Knightley faced the unsettling presence of a relentless stalker who, at one point, positioned themselves outside her residence in London, going as far as to communicate with her by making meowing sounds through the letterbox. The bizarre nature of celebrity stalking knows no bounds

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Shruti Haasan experienced a deeply unsettling incident when an overly zealous stalker unexpectedly appeared at her residence and made an alarming attempt to physically harm her. In response to this distressing situation, she swiftly reported the incident to the authorities, emphasizing the risks that celebrities often encounter.

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Justin Bieber faced a challenging situation when he had to deal with a 45-year-old woman who became an obsessed stalker. Her fixation on him reached a dangerous level, leading her to resort to extreme measures, such as enlisting others to cause harm.

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Sushmita Sen was sent bridal attire and wedding accessories by a fan who was deeply infatuated with her and issued threats of harm if she declined his marriage proposal.

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