Cody Johnson Unveils Two Tracks from Upcoming Album 'Leather'

By Knowladgey Team

September 26, 2023

Country music sensation Cody Johnson is set to make a splash with his upcoming album, 'Leather,' slated for release on November 3rd. With 12 tracks in tow, including the chart-topping single "The Painter," Cody Johnson treated fans to a sneak peek by dropping two more incredible songs, "Work Boots" and "Watching My Old Flame Go Out," on September 22nd.

"Work Boots" - A Tale of Love and Determination

"Work Boots" is a classic country gem that tells the story of a hardworking man aiming to impress the woman who's captured his heart. Cody Johnson's crooning chorus adds a touch of charm: "She might be the one to change our world, but we ain't gonna get the girls sittin' on a stool. We gotta make our move, so come on work boots."

"Watching My Old Flame Go Out" - A Heartfelt Ballad

In a heartfelt ballad, "Watching My Old Flame Go Out," Cody Johnson explores the emotions of a man witnessing the woman he loves moving on. The song captures the poignant sentiment with lyrics like, "If there's a least bit of a spark left, she don't show it. Yeah, she's movin' on from me, there ain't no doubt. It's the hardest thing watchin' my old flame go out."

Cody Johnson's Commitment to Excellence

Cody Johnson expressed his dedication to producing top-quality music, stating, "This round of songs, I have to say, is the best round of songs I have ever recorded, and I feel like that's the way it should be. Each album should outdo the last one." This comes after his acclaimed album, 'Human: The Double Album,' which earned him his first Grammy Award in 2023.

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Upcoming Concert in Birmingham - REDCREST 2024

Cody Johnson is set to headline a concert in Birmingham on Saturday, March 16, 2024, along with special guests Justin Moore and Dillon Carmichael. Major League Fishing (MLF) is offering a sweepstakes for fans to win two front-row tickets to the show before they become available to the public. The concert and the REDCREST Outdoor Sports Expo will take place at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex.

Cody Johnson's Remarkable Fan Following

Known for his explosive live performances and captivating stage presence, Cody Johnson has garnered a devoted fan base, consistently selling out concerts nationwide. In 2022 alone, he sold out 40 concerts, solidifying his status as a country music sensation.

About REDCREST and Major League Fishing

REDCREST is the pinnacle of professional bass fishing, where top Major League Fishing anglers compete for the championship trophy and a substantial prize of $300,000. The MLF Outdoor Sports Expo, taking place from March 15 to 17, 2024, adds even more excitement to the event. For a chance to win front-row tickets to Cody Johnson's concert and more updates, visit

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