Florida Man's Fortunate Turn Winter Haven Resident Wins $3.9 Million Lottery Jackpot ____________________

By Knowladgey Team

December 1, 2023

A Humble Investment, A Life-Changing Outcome

Rickey Johnson, a 66-year-old Winter Haven resident, transforms a casual $20 investment into an astounding $3.9 million jackpot through the Gold Rush Limited scratch-off game.

The Winning Decision at Haines City Food Mart

Johnson's winning journey begins with an impromptu decision to buy a lottery ticket at the Food Mart in Haines City, a local convenience store, unveiling the potential of the Gold Rush Limited scratch-off game.

Gold Rush Limited: A Game of Substantial Prizes

Introduced in September 2021, the Gold Rush Limited game gained popularity for its substantial prizes, offering 32 top prizes of $5 million and an additional 100 prizes of $1 million, capturing the attention of lottery enthusiasts.

Lump-Sum Triumph at Florida Lottery Headquarters

Opting for a lump-sum payment, Johnson visits the Florida Lottery headquarters to claim his substantial winnings of $3,960,000. The retailer, Haines City Food Mart, receives a "$10,000 bonus commission" for selling the winning ticket.

Gold Rush Limited Game Statistics

With odds of one in 2.65 for winning any prize and 1 in 2,362,500 for the $5 million jackpot, the Gold Rush Limited game captivates lottery enthusiasts. Only nine top prizes remain out of the initial 32, adding anticipation for future players.

Winter Haven Celebrates a Local Triumph

Rickey Johnson's unexpected windfall becomes a celebration in Winter Haven as the Florida Lottery shares the news on social media, emphasizing Johnson's incredible success and expressing gratitude to Haines City Food Mart for contributing to the realization of dreams.

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