BBy Knowladgey Team

November 14, 2023

The Impeachment Proposal

In a bipartisan move, the House rejects "Marjorie Taylor Greene's attempt to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas."

Greene's Impeachment Attempt

Greene's bold move introduces a "privileged" resolution, aiming to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas.

Bipartisan Rejection

The House voted 209-201 against the impeachment, referring the resolution to the House Homeland Security Committee.

Republicans Breaking Ranks

Eight Republicans, including Cliff Bentz and Ken Buck, joined Democrats, contributing to the resolution's defeat.

Greene's Response

Despite the setback, Marjorie Taylor Greene expresses frustration and hints at the possibility of reintroducing the resolution in the future.

DHS Response

The Department of Homeland Security swiftly dismissed Greene's impeachment effort, emphasizing the need to focus on critical national security priorities.

GOP Dynamics and Policy Shift

The vote highlights complex GOP dynamics on immigration and border security, signaling a shift in focus towards President Biden's impeachment over Cabinet members.

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