In Iowa, Trump Says Biden 'Betrayed Israel'

By Knowladgey Team

October 8, 2023

Trump's Controversial Stance on Biden's Foreign Policy and Iowa's GOP Buzz

– In      recent speeches across Iowa, former President Donald J. Trump stirred      controversy by linking President Joe Biden's foreign policy to Hamas's      terrorist attack on Israel.

Trump Accuses Biden of Betraying Israel

Biden's Alleged Betrayal of Israel · Trump accuses Biden of betraying Israel. · Cites the release of $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets. · Iran's support for Hamas, designated a terrorist organization by the U.S.

Trump's Predictions

Trump's Bold Predictions · Trump predicted conflict in Israel after the $6 billion release. · Emphasizes the need for a strong U.S.-Israel partnership.

Biden's Response

Biden's Condemnation and Clarification · Biden condemns Hamas's attack on Israel. · White House clarifies the use of funds and refutes misinformation.

Iowa's Political Landscape

Iowa Prepping for GOP Caucus · Multiple GOP candidates, including Trump, visiting Iowa. · Iowa's first-in-the-nation Republican caucus is scheduled for Jan. 15.

Rival Candidates Respond

Rival Candidates Weigh In · Statements from DeSantis, Scott, and Ramaswamy. · Strong support for Israel among Republican donors and evangelical voters.

Trump's Stance on Key Issues

Trump on Ethanol, Abortion, and Hispanic Voters · Trump's remarks on ethanol and changing positions. · His stance on abortion and appeal to the American electorate. · Optimism about winning Hispanic voters in 2024.