LSU's Disheartening Loss to Florida State

In a disappointing turn of events, LSU faced a crushing defeat against No. 8 Florida State, leaving fans in despair.

Collapse in the Second Half

The Tigers' downfall began in the second half of the game, where they were outscored 31-7 by Florida State. The Jordan Travis-Keon Coleman duo wreaked havoc on LSU's secondary.

Jordan Travis delivered a stellar performance, amassing 342 yards and four touchdowns through the air. Keon Coleman, the standout wide receiver, had a remarkable debut for Florida State with three touchdowns and 122 receiving yards.

The Travis-Coleman Connection

Struggles in the Secondary

The LSU secondary had a challenging night, failing to contain Florida State's passing game. Duce Chestnut, despite an early interception, faced difficulties handling Coleman, who dominated the matchup.

Missing Harold Perkins

LSU's decision to limit pass-rushing sensation Harold Perkins to a coverage role raised eyebrows. Perkins, known for his pass-rushing abilities, was underutilized in a manner that hindered the Tigers' defense.

In the aftermath of this tough loss, LSU's head coach, Brian Kelly, did not mince words. He described the performance as a "total failure" and emphasized the need for improvement across the board. It's clear that LSU has work to do to live up to its preseason expectations.