Mitt Romney Expresses Disconnection from the Modern Republican Party


October 21, 2023

Mitt Romney's Struggle Within the Republican Party

– In a candid interview, Utah Senator Mitt Romney      speaks about his place in today's Republican Party. – Hosted by "CBS Evening News" anchor "Norah      O'Donnell," the interview delves into Romney's political career,      reasons for leaving the Senate, his future plans, and a new biography,      "Romney: A Reckoning."

A Change in the Republican Party

– Mitt Romney voices his concern about the change in      the Republican Party. – He expresses that the party no longer aligns with his      values, emphasizing a shift away from the party's traditional principles.

Romney's Stance on Donald Trump

Mitt Romney on Donald Trump – Romney reveals that he has not heard any fellow      Senate Republicans praising Donald Trump's leadership. – He characterizes Trump as a "failure of      character" and believes that this has had a significant impact on the      nation's psyche.

Romney's Political Background

– Mitt Romney highlights his political lineage,      mentioning influential figures such as "Ronald Reagan, George H.W.      Bush, George W. Bush, and John McCain." – He emphasizes a strong stance on foreign policy and      character in leadership, values that he believes have been lost within the      current Republican Party.

Romney's Ostracism in the Republican Party

– Romney acknowledges that he has become somewhat of an      outcast within the Republican Party. He admits to not feeling at home in his party due to the stark contrast between his traditional Republican values and the current party's direction,

Ann Romney's Revelation

– The interview also touches on Ann Romney's revelation      regarding Oprah Winfrey's proposed joint run with Mitt Romney on an      independent ticket in 2019. – This adds a unique dimension to the discussion,      showcasing Romney's political journey.

Upcoming Interview

– Viewers are encouraged to watch the full interview      with Mitt Romney on "Person to Person with Norah O'Donnell" on      the streaming network on October 26 at 9:30 p.m. ET. – The interview promises more insights into Mitt      Romney's thoughts, career, and diaries, as featured in the book      "Romney: A Reckoning."