It Will Be More Confusing Than Ever to Watch an NFL Game This Season

– The NFL season commences as the Kansas City Chiefs, the reigning Super Bowl champions, welcome the Detroit Lions, airing on NBC and available through its Peacock app. – NFL  games are now broadcast across numerous networks, cable, and digital  streaming platforms. – The increase in channels and streaming services is due to the NFL's immense value in the television industry.

The NFL's Growing Presence

– The  NFL signed over $100 billion in media deals over 11 years in 2021. – Networks  like CBS, ESPN, ABC, and NBC are investing heavily in their streaming      services to secure NFL broadcasting rights. – Streaming  platforms like Amazon and YouTube TV are also streaming NFL games.

The Decline of Traditional TV

– Traditional  broadcast and cable television viewership is declining rapidly. – The NFL is crucial for retaining viewership as live sports remain popular. – Excluding  the Super Bowl, the NFL accounted for a significant portion of network viewership.

Where to Watch NFL Games

– Different  networks and streaming services will broadcast NFL games this season. – NBC, Fox, CBS, ESPN/ABC, and Amazon each have their share of games. – Amazon Prime Video's Thursday Night Football is exclusively streamed on the  platform.

The NFL's Digital Transition

– The  NFL Sunday Ticket moves to YouTube TV after nearly 30 years with DirecTV. – Streaming  is becoming a primary method of watching NFL games. – The  NFL's digital expansion reflects its commitment to adapt to changing viewing      habits and technologies.