NHL Lifts Ban on Rainbow-Colored Pride Tape: Players Free to Showcase Social Causes

By Knowladgey Team

October 26, 2023

A Bold Reversal Sparks Celebration

– In      a momentous move, the NHL has revoked its prohibition on rainbow-hued      Pride tape, granting players the freedom to utilize it during this      season's games.

A Triumph for Inclusion and Advocacy

– The      league, players' union, and a committee on inclusion have collectively      agreed to let players use the Pride tape. – This      move overturns a prior ban on using rainbow-colored tape, which had      sparked controversy and garnered support from LGBTQ+ advocates in sports.

Gratitude for a Welcoming Hockey Community

– "We      are so very grateful to everyone who believes hockey should be a safe,      inclusive, and welcoming space for all," shared the makers of Pride      Tape on social media. – NHL      Players’ Association expresses pleasure over the revised policy, enabling      players to support their chosen causes freely.

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A Controversy Heats Up

– Pride      nights became a polarizing issue in hockey when six players declined to      participate in pregame warmups last season when their teams wore      rainbow-themed jerseys. – The      updated policy includes a ban on theme jerseys, such as military      appreciation and Hockey Fights Cancer, for warmups this season.

Players, Advocates, and Communities Speak Out

– The      ban received criticism from players across the league, and several      players, like Arizona's Travis Dermott, defied the ban by using      rainbow-colored tape on their sticks. – Advocates      like Brian Burke emphasized the importance of supporting social causes      within the sport.

A Win for Inclusivity

– The      You Can Play Project, a long-time advocate for LGBTQ+ participation in      sports and NHL partner, celebrated the reversal as "a win for us      all." – Actively      welcoming communities into hockey is seen as vital for the sport's future      and a significant step towards genuine inclusivity.

A Season of Diversity and Unity

– The      NHL's decision to allow the use of Pride tape marks a significant stride      towards inclusivity, diversity, and unity within the hockey community. – Together,      we can create a more welcoming space for everyone, both on and off the      ice.