Sophie Turner Discovers Joe Jonas Divorce Through Media

By Knowladgey Team

September 22, 2023

A shocking revelation in the Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas divorce saga. The British actress claims she was unaware of her divorce until she read about it in the media. Let's dive into the details.

Sophie Turner's Legal Battle

Sophie Turner has taken legal action, suing Joe Jonas for the wrongful possession of their children. She alleges that Joe has refused to return their kids to their new home in England, leading to a bitter custody battle.

Unexpected Divorce

According to court documents, Sophie Turner states that the marriage breakdown happened suddenly after an argument on August 15. Astonishingly, she claims she learned about the divorce four days later, not from Joe but through media reports.

A Mother's Plea

Sophie Turner's court documents also include a plea for the "immediate return of children wrongfully removed or wrongfully retained." She seeks to reunite with her children and bring them back to their "forever home" in England.

Plans Gone Awry

Before their split, both Sophie and Joe had plans to permanently relocate from Miami to London. Their court documents reveal they were excited about this family move, emphasizing their commitment to England as their permanent home.

A Complex Custody Battle

Sophie Turner's legal petition in New York City demands the return of their children to England. It highlights the alleged wrongful retention of the children in New York City and underscores their strong ties to England's daily and cultural life.

Joe Jonas's representative disputes Sophie's claim that she found out about the divorce through the media, stating that she was aware in advance of his intentions. Joe seeks shared parenting and emphasizes the children's American citizenship as they've spent most of their lives in the U.S.

Dueling Claims

Conclusion: The divorce between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas takes a dramatic turn as legal battles and conflicting claims unfold. The future custody arrangement for their children remains uncertain.

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