Best Places to Go for Your Birthday

best places to go for your birthday

Blowing out cake candles is just the beginning—what truly counts is turning your birthday wishes into remarkable realities. This is especially true when envisioning the perfect destinations to mark your special day. And when it comes to those milestone years that deserve grand celebrations, the significance of choosing the right place cannot be overstated. Whether you’re a parent cherishing your child’s sixth birthday, a teenager embarking on an epic journey, or entering the golden years with a thirst for adventure, the gift of travel remains timeless. Here, we’ve curated a selection of exceptional birthday destinations catering to diverse age groups and preferences. After all, regardless of age, birthdays celebrated with travel and new experiences are eternally cherished. Let’s explore the top places to go for your birthday with us.

A Journey Through the Ages: Celebrate with Wanderlust

Below, you’ll find a collection of dream destinations for various milestone birthdays:

6th Birthday: Alaska 

Places to Go for Your Birthday
Bear on Alaska by Kamchatka

It’s never too early to introduce young ones to the joys of travel. Commemorate your child’s transition from kindergarten to elementary school with an unforgettable journey. Consider Lindblad Expeditions’ National Geographic Global Explorers Program, which offers immersive adventures for kids and teens up to 18 years old. For a six-year-old, Alaska presents a captivating setting with icebergs and fjords to explore. Opt for a six-day Wild Alaska Escape or an 8-day Voyage to the Great Bear Rainforest, where encounters with bears, orcas, eagles, and otters await.

13th Birthday: Costa Rica 

Places to Go for Your Birthday
Costa Rica by Getty Images

Transitioning from the tween to teen years is ideal for introducing international travel. Intrepid’s Costa Rica Family Holiday with Teenagers offers a 9-day adventure with a mix of high-adrenaline activities like rafting and serene moments in hot springs. Encounter toucans, sloths, monkeys, and more amidst Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystems.

15th/16th Birthday: Paris 

Places to Go for Your Birthday
Montmartre in Paris, France, by KavalenkavaVolha from Getty Images

Celebrating Quinceañera or Sweet 16? Paris provides a magical backdrop for coming-of-age celebrations. Design a custom itinerary through GetYourGuide, featuring rooftop tours, macaron-baking classes, and more. Explore the Arc de Triomphe, engage in a Louvre treasure hunt, and stroll through Montmartre’s enchanting streets.

21st Birthday: Memphis 

Places to Go for Your Birthday
View of Beale Street, Memphis, TN, by FangXiaNuo from Getty Images Signature

Embrace adulthood with an exciting trip to Memphis. Dance the night away at Paula &Raifords Disco, explore Graceland, and discover the city’s vibrant arts district. Stay at the boutique Arrive Memphis and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Beale Street.

30th Birthday: European Adventure 

Places to Go for Your Birthday
Wakeboarder at the Cote D’Azur by akrp from Getty Images Signature

Escape the routine with a cinematic adventure inspired by James Bond. Black Tomato’s James Bond 007-themed itinerary offers a 12-day journey with exhilarating experiences. Explore London, the Cote d’Azur, and Venice, and channel your inner secret agent.

40th Birthday: Naples, Italy 

Places to Go for Your Birthday
Food trip in Naples, Italy By Getty Images

Experience culinary delights on a guided food trip in Naples. Atlas Obscura and Culinary Backstreets offer a six-day tour covering street food, bakeries, and hands-on cooking lessons. Delight in authentic Neapolitan pizza where it originated.

50th Birthday: The Galápagos 

Embrace your 50s with a land-based Galápagos adventure. Classic Journeys offers an 8-day itinerary with game drives, volcano trekking, and encounters with unique wildlife. Marvel at marine iguanas, sea turtles, and giant tortoises.

60th Birthday: The Berkshires 

Places to Go for Your Birthday
Autumn in the Berkshire Hills by Denis Tangney Jr. from Getty Images Signature

Prioritize self-care with a Zen retreat at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Choose from meditation garden walks, presentations, and healthy meals. Unwind in the serene Berkshires’ setting.

70th Birthday: Botswana 

Places to Go for Your Birthday
Botswana by Getty Images

Toast to your 70s with Rothschild Safaris’ Classic Botswana Explorer. Embark on a 10-day journey filled with game drives, luxury accommodations, and helicopter rides. Experience the thrill of tracking wildlife and enjoy aerial views of Botswana’s landscapes.

80th Birthday: Himalayas 

Places to Go for Your Birthday
Tibet landscape, Tibet, China. by BIHAIBO from Getty Images Signature

Celebrate this milestone with a Himalayan Odyssey through Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. Nomadic Expeditions offers a 20-day journey encompassing cultural treasures and awe-inspiring landscapes. Witness iconic sites and embrace the beauty of the Himalayas.

100th Birthday: Mississippi River Cruise 

Places to Go for Your Birthday
Riverboat Natchez in Mississippi by Gagliardi Photography

Sail into your 100s with a cruise along the Mississippi River. Viking Cruises’ Viking Mississippi offers an eight-day Heart of the Delta itinerary, featuring historic stops and optional excursions. Explore the heartland’s rich history and natural beauty.

A Lifetime of Adventures Awaits

No matter your age, celebrating your birthday with travel creates everlasting memories. From the vibrant cultures of Paris to the untouched beauty of the Galápagos, each destination brings unique experiences. Embrace the joy of exploration and let your special day unfold most remarkably. After all, birthdays marked with travel are destined to become cherished chapters in your life’s story.

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