The 10 Most Corrupt Countries In Africa In 2024

most corrupt countries in Africa

In the complex landscape of African governance, therefore corruption continues to pose a significant challenge that employs deep impacts concerning economic development and social stability. As we step into 2024, Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) highlights the countries in Africa that rank among the most corrupt, highlighting a complex web of factors responsible for their questionable standings.

1. South Sudan

South Sudan is named the most corrupt country in Africa for 2024 with bribery that grips its economic sectors. The strong connection between the government and businesses creates a favorable environment for corruption, strengthened by an ineffective judicial system that lacks efficiency as well as an impunity culture.

2. Somalia

In the second place in this ranking is Somalia – one of the most corrupt countries in East Africa. Insecurity worsens the situation because government officials collect bribes to ignore such illegalities. Economic competitiveness is hindered by dysfunctional institutions as well because of the lack of regulatory frameworks.

3. Libya

Economic growth in Libya has been hindered by widespread corruption, particularly related to public procurement and the industry of oil. Bribery and favoritism are prevalent, with state-owned enterprises dominating the local markets. Post-revolution, corruption continues to be a problem as companies face obstacles while competing in the economic arena.

4. Equatorial Guinea

Transparency International highlights Equatorial Guinea’s control of corruption as among the lowest 1% globally. Citizens believe that public authorities prioritize personal gain, making it the fourth most corrupt country in Africa.

5. Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R. Congo)

Factors such as weak democracy, ineffective institutions, and low states contribute to the high corruption levels in the D.R. Congo. Corrupt politicians maintain power in a landscape where opposition is suppressed, and the government struggles to control its own army and eastern borders.

6. Burundi

Burundi is facing a worsening crisis of corruption, despite so-called anti-corruption agencies. It ranks among the sixth most corrupt country in Africa, and this emphasizes that there is an urgent need to put into place mechanics that can aid in curbing corruption.

7. Sudan

Financially and politically Corruption is a very prevalent issue in every department of Sudan’s economy as well as within all tiers of government nepotism, the misuse of power is a manifestation. Sudan holds the seventh rank among the most corrupt countries in Africa.

8. Comoros

Comoros is also ranked as the eighth most corrupt country in Africa and faces difficulties when it comes to fighting against corruption. Though ranked as the 164 least corrupt country in the world, it still has ongoing corruption issues.

9. Chad

Chad’s corruption issues span the full range of its economy, with weak rule of law and inadequate security as key factors making it worse. Chad, as the ninth most corrupt country in Africa despite anti-corruption legislation remains poor on enforcement.

10. Guinea Bissau

With the tenth position, Guinea Bissau becomes not only Africa’s seventh most corrupt country but also a West African country that tops in corruption. 2021 CPI ranks the country as the 172nd least corrupt nation out of 180 in this world, indicating that it desperately requires holistic strategies against corruption.


As Africa struggles with a continuous issue of corruption, these top 10 most corrupt countries in Africa, highlight the need for stronger governance reform, enhanced transparency, and fortified anti-corruption institutions. On a global scale, the CPI is an important tool for raising awareness and promoting collective action to fight corruption.

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