2023 FIBA World Cup Schedule, Results

2023 FIBA World Cup Schedule, Results

The much-anticipated 2023 FIBA World Cup for men’s basketball is set to ignite the global sports scene from August 25 to September 10. Co-hosted by the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia, this event promises to deliver a thrilling showcase of talent, competition, and national pride.

The Format: A Thrilling Journey of 32 Teams

Just like the iconic soccer World Cup, the 2023 FIBA World Cup features a format that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. The 32 participating teams are segregated into eight groups, each striving to secure their advancement to the subsequent stage. The leading two teams from every group progress to the following phase, forming four groups encompassing a total of 16 teams. Notably, the points earned in the initial groups carry over to this phase. The tension builds as the top two teams from each of these groups move forward, ultimately forming the fierce quarterfinal matchups.

Olympic Qualifications: A Stairway to Paris 2024

Beyond the glory of the FIBA World Cup, this tournament also serves as a gateway to the grand stage of the 2024 Paris Olympics. The stakes are high, with the top two teams from both the Americas and Europe earning coveted spots in the prestigious Olympics. France enjoys an automatic entry as the host nation, adding to the excitement. Not to be left behind, the leading team from Africa, Asia, and Oceania secures their place on the global Olympic platform.

Unveiling the Schedule and Results

As the world anticipates the clash of basketball titans, the 2023 FIBA World Cup’s schedule and results have been unveiled. The action kicks off on August 25th, with a lineup of thrilling matchups:

  • Italy vs. Angola
  • Australia vs. Finland
  • Montenegro vs. Mexico
  • Latvia vs. Lebanon
  • Dominican Republic vs. Philippines
  • Germany vs. Japan
  • Lithuania vs. Egypt
  • Canada vs. France

Here’s the schedule of the 2023 FIBA World Cup with the time (Eastern Time) presented in a table format:

Fri., Aug. 254:00 AMItaly 81, Angola 67Group A
 4:00 AMAustralia 98, Finland 72Group E
 4:45 AMMontenegro 91, Mexico 71Group D
 5:15 AMLatvia 109, Lebanon 70Group H
 8:00 AMDominican Republic 87, Philippines 81Group A
 8:10 AMGermany 81, Japan 63Group E
 8:30 AMLithuania 93, Egypt 67Group D
 9:30 AMCanada 95, France 65Group H
Sat., Aug. 264:00 AMSouth Sudan-Puerto RicoGroup B
 4:00 AMCape Verde-GeorgiaGroup F
 4:45 AMJordan-GreeceGroup C
 5:45 AMIran-BrazilGroup G
 7:30 AMSlovenia-VenezuelaGroup F
 8:00 AMSerbia-ChinaGroup B
 8:40 AMUSA-New ZealandGroup C
 9:30 AMSpain-Cote d’IvoireGroup G
Sun., Aug. 274:00 AMItaly-Dominican RepublicGroup A
 4:30 AMAustralia-GermanyGroup E
 4:45 AMMontenegro-EgyptGroup D
 5:45 AMLebanon-CanadaGroup H
 8:00 AMPhilippines-AngolaGroup A
 8:10 AMJapan-FinlandGroup E
 8:30 AMLithuania-MexicoGroup D
 9:30 AMFrance-LatviaGroup H
Mon., Aug. 284:00 AMChina-South SudanGroup B
 4:00 AMVenezuela-Cape VerdeGroup F
 4:45 AMNew Zealand-JordanGroup C
 5:45 AMCote d’Ivoire-IranGroup G
 7:30 AMGeorgia-SloveniaGroup F
 8:00 AMPuerto Rico-SerbiaGroup B
 8:40 AMUSA-GreeceGroup C
 9:30 AMBrazil-SpainGroup G
Tue., Aug. 293:30 AMGermany-FinlandGroup E
 4:00 AMAngola-Dominican RepublicGroup A
 4:45 AMEgypt-MexicoGroup D
 5:45 AMLebanon-FranceGroup H
 7:10 AMAustralia-JapanGroup E
 8:00 AMPhilippines-ItalyGroup A
 8:30 AMMontenegro-LithuaniaGroup D
 9:30 AMCanada-LatviaGroup H
Wed., Aug. 304:00 AMSouth Sudan-SerbiaGroup B
 4:00 AMGeorgia-VenezuelaGroup F
 4:40 AMUSA-JordanGroup C
 5:45 AMCote d’Ivoire-BrazilGroup G
 7:30 AMSlovenia-Cape VerdeGroup F
 8:00 AMChina-Puerto RicoGroup B
 8:40 AMGreece-New ZealandGroup C
 9:30 AMIran-SpainGroup G

The excitement only intensifies with each passing day, offering a dynamic blend of national pride and basketball prowess. Notable clashes include South Sudan vs. Puerto Rico, Jordan vs. Greece, Iran vs. Brazil, and many more.

Stay Tuned for a Spectacular Showdown

The 2023 FIBA World Cup promises to be an unforgettable journey for basketball enthusiasts around the globe. From the group stages to the heart-pounding quarterfinals, this event showcases the passion and dedication of athletes who strive to bring glory to their nations. As the world witnesses exhilarating clashes, surprising upsets, and incredible displays of skill, the FIBA World Cup cements its legacy as a pinnacle of international basketball excellence. Get ready for a riveting spectacle that transcends borders and unites fans in a celebration of sport and camaraderie.

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