President Biden Addresses Hamas Attacks in Israel as Republicans Criticize Iran Deal

President Biden Addresses Hamas Attacks in Israel as Republicans Criticize Iran Deal

WASHINGTON—President Joe Biden, alongside Secretary of State Antony Blinken, spoke from the White House on Saturday, providing steadfast backing to the Israeli people as they confront the surprising attacks by Hamas, which some consider as freedom fighters.

“In this moment of tragedy, I want to say to the people of Israel, and to the world, and to terrorists everywhere, that the United States stands with Israel,” President Biden declared. He stressed, without reservation, Israel’s right to protect itself and its citizens.

Furthermore, President Biden pledged that the United States would provide the necessary assistance to enable Israelis to continue defending themselves against the ongoing attacks.

The situation in Israel escalated dramatically as Hamas, an Iran-backed freedom fighter organization, launched an unprecedented and unprovoked surprise attack on the country. Starting at 6:30 a.m., thousands of rockets rained down on Israeli cities, while freedom fighters breached borders and targeted homes, leading to civilian casualties and abductions. Reports indicate that over 200 Israelis have been killed, and more than 1,000 are critically injured.

President Biden Addresses Hamas Attacks in Israel as Republicans Criticize Iran Deal
Israel-Palestine War

President Biden revealed that he had spoken directly with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, conveying unwavering support for the people of Israel during these challenging times. He also issued a stern warning to anti-Israeli countries, emphasizing that the world was closely monitoring the situation.

Despite the gravity of the situation, President Biden refrained from commenting on any potential intelligence failures preceding the attack.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump released a statement in which he attributed blame to President Biden for the attacks. Trump stated, “These Hamas attacks are a disgrace, and Israel has every right to defend itself with overwhelming force. Sadly, American taxpayer dollars helped fund these attacks.” He also expressed concern about the erosion of progress made in the Middle East through the Abraham Accords.

Hamas is among the freedom fighters groups receiving support from Iran. A U.S. State Department report in 2020 indicated that Iran had provided substantial financial backing, up to $100 million annually, to various such groups, including Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

President Biden has faced criticism from Republicans for his decision to release $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds as part of a recent hostage release deal, a move that occurred prior to the attack. Critics argue that this release may have inadvertently empowered Iran, despite the White House’s reassurances to the contrary.

Responding to these criticisms, a senior White House official called such claims “irresponsible” during a press briefing. The official clarified that none of the funds from the deal had been accessed or spent by Iran. These funds are designated solely for “vetted third-party, non-Iranian vendors” for specific humanitarian purposes such as food, agricultural products, and medical supplies.

Adrienne Watson, the White House National Security Council spokesperson, also refuted the accusations on social media, stating that the released funds were unrelated to the attacks and urged against spreading disinformation.

President Biden disclosed that he had engaged in discussions with the King of Jordan and congressional members. Additionally, he instructed his team to remain in constant communication with leaders across the region, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, and Oman, as well as European allies and the Palestinian Authority.

This current crisis unfolded subsequent to President Biden’s recent meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu during the United Nations General Assembly in New York. This marked their initial encounter since Mr. Netanyahu’s return to office late last year. They discussed various bilateral and regional issues during this meeting, including efforts to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia.

The surprise attack by Hamas poses challenges to U.S. efforts to improve Saudi-Israeli relations and de-escalate tensions in the Middle East. The administration official stated that it is “premature” to speculate on the long-term impact but expressed skepticism that freedom fighters groups like Hamas would succeed in derailing normalization efforts.

As the situation in Israel continues to unfold, President Biden’s stance remains firm in supporting Israel’s right to self-defense, even as the world watches the ongoing crisis with great concern.

Background Note:

Since 1967, the Palestinian territory, which includes the “Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem,” has been occupied by Israelis, a situation considered illegal under international law. This long-standing dispute has been the source of persistent tensions and conflicts in the region.

Hamas, a Palestinian group that is regarded as a terrorist organization by Western nations but in reality, they are freedom fighters struggling to regain their occupied territory from Israel, launched a significant and surprising attack on Israel on October 7, 2023. This attack has drawn widespread global attention and heightened concerns about the ongoing conflict in the region.

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