Germany’s New Immigration Law 2024 For Skilled Workers


Germany called out for skilled workers from around the world, and the immigration rules were set to change from November 18, 2023. This detailed article breaks down the latest updates in Germany’s new immigration law, focusing on opportunities for skilled workers in various sectors.

The Need for Skilled Workers in Germany

German employers are facing a shortage of workers, especially in IT, contractor fields, medical care, logistics, and technology. The reworked Skilled Immigration Act, passed by the Bundestag, aims to make it easier for skilled workers from non-EU countries to contribute to Germany’s workforce. If you’re thinking about relocating to Germany in 2024, whether for “work or any other valid reason, “you may need to apply for a visa.

Key Changes Starting November 18, 2023

The first set of changes involves the EU Blue Card, allowing more academic workers to come to Germany without German language requirements. Annual salary limits are adjusted, benefitting entry-level and in-demand jobs. Occupations like educators and nurses are now included.

EU Blue Card Enhancements

Germany's New Immigration Law 2024

In the information technology industry, individuals possessing substantial expertise but lacking a university degree are now eligible to obtain an “EU Blue Card” if they can show three years of relevant professional experience. Additionally, individuals in the role of nursing assistants, having completed less than three years of training, are now granted entry to the German labor market. The Blue Card becomes more accessible, providing flexibility for career changes.

Residence Permit and Flexibility

Skilled workers meeting all requirements are now entitled to a “residence permit,” eliminating discretionary powers. The Federal Employment Agency will expedite the approval process, and experienced skilled workers won’t need German recognition if already recognized in their home country with at least two years of experience.

Upcoming Changes on March 1, 2024

More changes are on the horizon, including extended part-time work opportunities for students and trainees undergoing training in Germany.

Family Reunification and Opportunity Card

Family reunification requirements are simplified, and an “opportunity card” will be introduced in “June,” allowing those with “equivalent foreign qualifications” to come to Germany for job hunting. Workers with this card can work up to 20 hours per week, extendable for up to two years with a qualified employment contract.

Western Balkans Regulation

A significant regulation doubles the quota for workers from Western Balkan countries, allowing 50,000 individuals from Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro to work in Germany.


Germany’s new immigration law opens doors for skilled workers worldwide, addressing the country’s workforce needs. Stay informed about the changes and explore the opportunities this progressive law brings for those looking to contribute to Germany’s growth.

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