New Illinois Laws 2024 Full List

New Illinois Laws 2024

As we step into a new year, Illinois is set to roll out over 300 new laws, each addressing diverse aspects of public life. From minimum wage adjustments to groundbreaking initiatives, here’s an overview of the transformative New Illinois Laws 2024 that will shape the state’s landscape from January 1, 2024.

Highlighting the New Illinois Laws 2024

PA 101-0001: Minimum Wage Increase

The Illinois minimum wage is on the rise again, bringing positive changes for workers. Learn about the specifics, including rates for non-tipped workers, tipped workers, and youths under 18.

820 ILCS 192: Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers Act

Explore the groundbreaking Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers Act, allowing workers to take paid time off for any reason. Understand the details, including the required hours and notice for requesting time off.

HB 2789: Banning Book Bans

Delve into House Bill 2789, a first-of-its-kind law preventing state-funded libraries from banning materials due to religious or partisan disapproval. Discover the motivation behind this historic legislation.

HB 1541: Ensuring Utilities During Extreme Weather

House Bill 1541 ensures that utility companies cannot cut off gas or electric services during extreme heat conditions. Uncover how this law protects residents, particularly vulnerable populations, during dangerous weather.

HB 2245: Cracking Down on Car Thefts and Carjackings

Explore House Bill 2245’s mandate for Illinois car manufacturers to establish a vehicle theft hotline, addressing the surge in car thefts and carjackings. Understand how this measure aims to enhance vehicle security.

HB 2123: Digital Forgeries

Discover how lawmakers are combating “deepfake porn” through an amendment to existing laws, providing protection for victims. Learn about the implications for those creating false explicit content.

HB 3924: Fentanyl Education for High School Students

Uncover the importance of House Bill 3924, requiring high schools to educate students about the dangers of fentanyl. Explore how early education can contribute to addressing the opioid crisis.

HB 2431: Don’t Video Conference and Drive

Stay safe on the roads! House Bill 2431 expands laws against distracted driving, prohibiting the use of electronic devices for video conferences or social media while driving.

SB 1883: Keep Your Bears and Primates to Yourself

Learn about Senate Bill 1883, prohibiting public contact with bears and nonhuman primates. Understand the implications for keepers and the potential legal consequences for violations.

HB 1540: Smoke-Free Means Vape-Free

Explore House Bill 1540, extending smoke-free regulations to electronic cigarettes or vapes. Learn about the restrictions in public spaces and near building entrances.

HB 2500: No Fees for Veterans’ Furry Friends

Discover how House Bill 2500 supports military veterans by waiving adoption fees for their furry friends in animal shelters and control facilities.

SB 380: Protecting You from Fertility Fraud

Unveil Senate Bill 380, providing a civil cause of action against healthcare providers involved in fertility fraud. Learn how this law empowers victims of betrayed trust and bodily rights.


The arrival of 2024 brings a wave of change to Illinois with over 300 new laws, addressing crucial aspects of public life. From bolstering workers’ rights to pioneering initiatives and enhanced public safety measures, these laws collectively paint a picture of a state composed for positive transformation. As Illinois steps into the future, these legislative strides promise a landscape shaped by progress, inclusivity, and a commitment to the well-being of its residents.

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