Most Dangerous States in Mexico 2024

Most Dangerous States in Mexico

Which are the most dangerous states in Mexico?

Did you see that when someone talks about Mexico, they quickly say how dangerous it is? This Latin American country has improved a lot in recent years, but it’s still very dangerous in many ways. These problems often come from things like drug gangs and the violence they cause, making places in Mexico that people usually avoid. These areas are typically called no-go areas.

Mexico is famous for its great culture, yummy food, beautiful scenery, and lovely beaches. It’s a top place to travel. From the beautiful spots in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Los Cabos to the Mayan civilizations Tulum and Aztec buildings. This country has many different things to see.

Cities like Mazatlan, Cozumel, Puebla, and Guadalajara show us Mexico’s deep history. They have traces of Aztec and Mayan cultures along with the legacy left by Zapata.

But even though taking trips to Mexico’s beachside hotels or Inca places might appeal, visitors have to deal with high crime levels in some parts of the country. Problems like drug abuse, rape, murder, extortion, robbery, and assault have been talked about. Also, thefts and physical violence are mentioned too.

The continuing effects of gun violence, unemployment, poverty, death, and corruption add to the complicated social-political situation. To make your trip to Mexico safe and fun, you need to understand which states are the most dangerous. In this article, we explore the most dangerous states in Mexico for 2024, shedding light on the reasons behind their perilous status.

Which is the most dangerous state in Mexico?

To find out which state in Mexico is most dangerous, we need to look at different things. We should use data from reliable sources and our own experiences too. Right now, Michoacán is the most dangerous state. This decision mostly comes from ongoing cartel wars in the city of Uruapan. This makes it one of the most dangerous places worldwide. Other cities in Michoacán like Morelia may be safer, but Uruapan’s high level of violence makes Michoacán the top state for danger in Mexico.

Most Dangerous States in Mexico

Let’s explore the specifics of the 7 most dangerous states in Mexico, exploring the unique challenges each presents. Using reliable statistics from Numbeo, we aim to provide a clear understanding of why these areas are considered no-go zones.

Michoacán – The Most Dangerous State

Most Dangerous States in Mexico

The city of Uruapan in Michoacán takes the lead as one of the deadliest cities globally due to ongoing cartel wars. We analyze the factors contributing to Michoacán’s dangerous reputation, emphasizing the need for caution when visiting.

Baja California

Most Dangerous States in Mexico

Known for its popular tourist spots, Baja California has its share of safety concerns, particularly in non-touristy areas. We discuss the crime situation, focusing on cities like Cabo San Lucas, which scores high on the crime index.


Most Dangerous States in Mexico

A small state in western Mexico, Colima faces challenges related to gang activity, with targeted assassinations being a recurring issue. We examine the safety concerns in Colima, highlighting the city of Colima as the most dangerous in the state.


Most Dangerous States in Mexico

Jalisco, rich in Mexican culture, presents a mix of safe and caution-worthy areas. Guadalajara, its capital, faces safety challenges, with thefts and assaults reported. We navigate through the safety landscape of Jalisco, emphasizing the need for awareness in certain zones.


Most Dangerous States in Mexico

Home to the picturesque Copper Canyon, Chihuahua in northern Mexico grapples with safety concerns in its cities. Ciudad Juárez, notorious for drug cartel activities, stands out as the most dangerous city in Chihuahua.


Most Dangerous States in Mexico

Surprisingly making the list, Guanajuato faces safety issues, mainly centered around the city of Irapuato. We explore the reasons behind its inclusion in the most dangerous states, emphasizing the impact of cartel feuds on the city’s safety.


Most Dangerous States in Mexico

Infamous for its association with drug cartels, Sinaloa remains a popular state for visitors. We discuss the ongoing challenges, highlighting Culiacán as the most dangerous city and elaborating on the city’s crime index score.

How can you enhance your safety in Mexico?

Follow Travel Advisories

Stay informed by following travel advisories from reliable sources like The U.S. Department of State and The Government of Canada. These advisories provide important information to ensure your safety.

Take Safety Precautions

Simple precautions go a long way. Avoid displaying expensive items, travel during daylight hours, and stay in tourist-friendly areas. For more tips, check our Safety Guide for Travelers.

Mexico’s Progress in Safety Measures

Despite challenges, the Mexican government has implemented initiatives like increased policing and community-based programs to enhance safety. Discover how these measures positively impact different regions.

The Power of Tourism in Safety

Tourism plays a pivotal role in Mexico’s economy, leading to investments in safety measures. Learn how popular destinations like Cancun, Mexico City, and the Yucatan Peninsula prioritize safety for tourists.

Safety as a Shared Responsibility

Understand that safety is a shared responsibility. Travelers, local communities, and the government each play a crucial role. Discover how you, as a traveler, can contribute to your safety and the safety of others.

The Role of Local Communities

Local communities actively combat crime to foster safer environments. Explore how their efforts, combined with local and national authorities, contribute to creating a safer Mexico.

The Role of Government

The Mexican government’s commitment to addressing the root causes of crime, enhancing law enforcement, and investing in community development is crucial. Learn about their role in fostering a safer and more secure environment.


While headlines may focus on challenges, Mexico’s rich culture and beautiful destinations remain alluring. This article provides valuable insights into the most dangerous states in Mexico, aiding travelers in making informed decisions about their destinations. Exercise caution, stay informed, and with the right precautions, your journey in Mexico can be both safe and memorable.

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