Events of the “World War II”

Events of the “World War II”

World War II was fought between Allied Powers and Axis Powers. Allied Powers consisted of the UK, the USA, France, Russia, China, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Greece. Axis Powers included Germany, Japan, and Italy”.

Remilitarization of Rhineland

 German remilitarization is one of the most important events of World War II. German was unhappy with the Treaty of Versailles of “World War I“. It was because Germany had to agree to some humiliating terms and conditions. According to the Treaty, Germany was not allowed to occupy its territory, Rhineland. Hitler built up his army and invaded the Rhineland and some areas of Czechoslovakia. Adopting the policy of appeasement, France and Britain remained silent.

The outbreak of World War II

In 1939, Germany and Russia secretly invaded Poland and divided the territories between them. German forces seized the Gleiwitz radio station in Poland and broadcasted a fake message: Poland have attacked Germany. It was a false flag through which Germany wanted to show that Poland have initiated the war. Since France and Britain had promised Poland’s security, they immediately declared war on Germany. This incident became the flesh point of World War II. Now, World War II had officially begun.

Invasion of Norway and Demark

 On April 8, 1940, Germany invaded Norway and Denmark. Within hours of struggle, Germany successfully captured Denmark. And after a few days of the invasion, it also occupied Norway.

Fall of Paris, 1940

 Having captured the Netherlands and Belgium, Germany immediately moved toward France. With the help of Italy, Germany attacked northeast Europe. Despite fighting bravely, allied forces were defeated by German forces. Within just six weeks, this assault resulted in the surrender of France. France signed an Armistice in the aftermath of this surrender. According to this agreement, France was allowed to control its colonies except for the “extreme south-east and the Atlantic Seaboard”. The French navy was disarmed though not surrendered. As a result, France became a “puppet state of Germany”.

Battle of Britain during “World War II”

By 1940, Hitler had conquered most of Europe. Then he turned his attention to Europe. To successfully invade, Hitler knew that his Luftwaffe had to destroy Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. On the 10th of July, Luftwaffe started its attacks by targeting shipping convoys, military defenses, airfields, and towns on the southern coast.

The RAF forces shot down many German bombers before they could cause too much damage. The RAF achieved this with an established network of Radar and communications telling them when and where German planes are going to attack. On the 13th of August, the Luftwaffe began “Operation Eagle Attack” which aimed at destroying the RAF and dominating British skies. “German fighters had limited range and could only escort bombers flying over Britain for part of their mission” leaving bomber pilots unprotected.

From the 24th of August to the 6th of September the Luftwaffe increased its intensity with more than one thousand aircraft attacking each day, the British just managed to maintain the advantage. Finally, the Royal Armed Forces won this battle which stopped German further invasion of Europe. Britain won this battle because it was its territory and the RAF knew its geography.

Operation of Barbarossa

In 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union. It was the world’s largest land attack. Germany had planned to capture Russia. Unfortunately, it had to face failure in achieving this goal. It was majorly because of the Russian harsh weather. German forces could not bear the harshness of the weather. Apart from the weather, some other factors also led to the German retreat. For example, “indomitable Russian resistance”. Because Russians were defending their homeland. Moreover, “stretched supply lines” and “manpower problems” also caused the failure to capture Russia.

Sino Japanese War

To tackle the aftershocks of the great economic depression, Japan invaded China to exploit cheap labor and vast natural resources. China was defeated and Japan made it a puppet state of Japan. In response to the Indochina annexation, America imposed sanctions on Japan which stopped 94% of Japan’s oil supply. Japan took a childish gamble. It attacked Pearl Harbor and invaded the Philippines which resulted in the entry of the USA into the war.

Retreat of Germany

Since the German army could not bear Russia’s winter, Russia successfully pushed back German forces on the eastern front. In addition to it, allied forces landed on the coast of France. It heavily targeted the German army which resulted in the Allied forces’ victory. Hitler committed suicide and Germany surrendered unconditionally.  After Germany, Italy was also attacked by Allied forces following Italy’s surrender too. But Japan was not ready to surrender.

Atomic bomb attack on Japan and the end of “World War II”

Among the Axis powers, Japan was the only country that was not ready to surrender. The Japanese public was highly brainwashed regarding sacrificing their lives for their monarch. Multiple battles were fought between the USA and Japan throughout the islands of the Pacific and Southeast Asia. After the failure of “operation downfall”, America dropped the atomic bomb on “Hiroshima and Nagasaki” which “led to Japan’s surrender”, and “World War II” officially ended.

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