How the US destroyed the World?

How the US destroyed the World

The US has been invading many countries in the name of democracy and human rights for so long, but this rhetoric has no reality. America always pursues an “America First” policy. It only aims at maintaining and expanding its hegemony over the world. It attacked many countries based on false motives which it has never achieved. However, these wars have affected the people of the victim countries for decades. This article, will be briefly discussed how the US destroyed the world.

Nuclear Attack on Japan

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the first victims of the US lust for power consolidation. Around 4 lac people were killed as a result of the nuclear attack of the USA. The US gives a justification for the attack that the unsurrendering of Japan made the attack unavoidable. Later US President Eisenhower and many military officers claimed that the ‘’nuclear attack was not necessary’. Some scholars suggest that this attack was only to showcase US power to its rivals. Historians also suggest that when Japan was not surrendering, the USSR was planning to invade Japan. America, shortly, launched a nuclear attack to maintain its powerful influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

The US invasion of Korea

 Japan annexed Korea in 1910. When Japan surrendered, it was divided into two countries across 38 parallels. The US took the patronage of South Korea and the USSR took the patronage of South Korea. The Korean broke out when Russia and China backed North Korea and attacked South Korea. Both powers pledged to free Korea from Japan’s imperialism, but they dragged the countries into war. The power tussle resulted in the death of 50 lakh people and continuing tension between North and South Korea.

The US in Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was fought from 1955 to 1975 between Communist North Vietnam and the US-backed South Vietnam. This war was not limited to Vietnam only, but generally spread to the neighboring country. The motive of this war was also to maintain US influence. The US used chemical weapons and launched many operations. His war cost around 10-30 lakh. Clearly, America is responsible for this war because the Vietnamese themselves fought with American troops.

War in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a victim of both American and Russian imperialism. Firstly, Russia invaded Afghanistan. Then America backed off Russia from Afghanistan. In the game of this power politics, Afghanistan became a terrorist and very unstable state.  America funded and armed Afghan mujahedeen and then started the war on terror as a result of the 9/11 attack. This war continued for 20 years and then America withdrew leaving a crumbling state. According to Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, the US war on terror displaced 3.8 crore people.

the US in Afghanistan

Invasion of Iraq

The US invaded Iraq claiming that the government of Saddam Hussein is secretly developing weapons of mass destruction. Later, it was proved that these allegations were false. January 2004, a former US weapon inspector told that ‘’we were almost all wrong’’.  Many scholars also suggest that the US invaded Iraq to establish its dominance and hegemony in the region. 

The US has been fighting proxy wars throughout the Middle East. For example, in Syria and Yemen. All these prove that the American rhetoric of democracy and human rights is hollow. The US wants to portray its superpower by using the Demonstration effect.

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