Joe Biden’s foreign policy and the world

Joe Biden's foreign policy and the world

The whole world looks at the United States of America whenever it gets a new president. It is because America is a superpower. It has the greatest influence over the world. As Joe Biden assumes office, the entire world is looking at him and waiting for Joe Biden’s foreign policy to be announced. Especially, what would be his policy for China and Iran? How would he respond to Russia and European Countries?  What is going to happen with the Asian region?  Would Joe Biden be more offensive or he will be lenient? Let’s make observations and guesses keeping his speeches and his years of the vice presidency in mind. Joe Biden made a speech at the State Department in February 2021 and spelled out the broad ideas of his foreign policy. It includes:

 Joe Biden’s Intention to Return Global Engagement

Joe Biden said “The US foreign policy will now focus more on multilateral diplomacy and working with other nations in a more positive way. But this should not be considered a soft approach.”  Previously, Trump’s administration stepped out from global engagement.

Some other key points of Joe Biden’s foreign policy are:   

  • “Work closely with allies”
  • “Promote multilateralism”
  • “Uphold democratic values”
  • “Protect human rights”

And his decisions remained in line with these ideas. For example, America rejoined Paris Climate Agreement which Trump withdrew from. It has rejoined World Health Organization. Trump administration withdrew from WHO accusing the WHO too close to China. The USA announced to “end to support Saudi Arabia in the civil war in Yemen. Joe Biden said we will support dialogues only”. No money, no weapons. He also gave an indication of the revival of the Iran nuclear deal. If Iran complies with Iran nuclear deal revives. Joe Biden has started taking action on whatever he said.

Joe Biden’s foreign policy toward European countries

At Munich Security Conference special edition 2021, he further elaborated on his foreign policy. He said the US wants “to revive transatlantic alliances” which are “the cornerstone of all we hope to achieve in the 21st century”. However, the formation of this coalition has some challenges to face: the de facto leader of the EU, and Germany’s inclination towards Russia and China.

About China and Russia

The US suggested, “that one must prepare for long-term strategic competition with China and that competition will be stiff”. China’s threat is more in economic nature rather than security terms. It means there could be a rapprochement with China in the future. However, he termed Russia as a security threat which indicates that the US approach to Russia will be harsh keeping the policy ‘America First’ in mind. He showed it by imposing heavy sanctions on Russia as a result of attacking Ukraine. It supported Ukraine to a great extent providing arms and money.

Joe Biden’s  Foreign Policy toward the South Asia Region

With India

India is of primary importance for the US in the context of the QUAD.  Joe Biden appointed an important advisor, “Kurt Campbell, for the Indo-Pacific strategy” which shows the importance of the Indo-Pacific for America. He also called 3rd ministerial meeting in February 2021. He aims at making QUAD, Asian NATO.

Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy for Pakistan

Under Joe Biden’s presidency, the US is reviewing its ties with Pakistan and its role in Afghanistan over 20 years. Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, said that Pakistan has harbored Taliban members and Haqqani terrorists. It has a multiplicity of interests, some of which are in clear conflict with that of the US. Imran Khan’s government is more inclined toward China and  Russia which will change the previous foreign policy of the US to Pakistan.

What about Afghanistan?

Joe Biden announced outright withdrawal from Afghanistan. He said all US troops will be home soon. The war on terror cost $825 billion to the US. Finally, the US withdrew from Afghanistan on 30th August 2021. He didn’t renege on his promise.

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