Why Iran entered the Ukraine war?

Why Iran entered the Ukraine war

The Ukraine war has already created a shock wave in Europe. Involvement of Iran in the war is making it more complicated.

Confirmation of Iran’s entry into the Ukraine war

Recently, the White House and the European Union have confirmed that Russian military personnel fighting from Crimea are using an Iranian Unmanned Ariel Vehicle. They claimed that Iranian military personnel is also helping and training Russian soldiers in the Ukraine war. An unmanned Ariel Vehicle is a kind of craft operating remotely and it is used for surveillance, attack, and covert operations.

Iran was an armed importer from 1925 to 1979. After Iranian Revolution, it faced sanctions resulting in a ban on arms imports. Iran worked hard to develop its arms industry. Iran manufactures 80% of its arms requirements. It has sub-marines, fighter jets, and unmanned combat Ariel vehicles. Iran exported its arms to the Middle East, but the Ukraine war is the best moment for Iran to flex its military capabilities on the global front.

Why Iran is not feeling vulnerable?

Owing to the Ukraine war, Iran’s importance has increased substantially for Europe, the US, and Russia. Sanction impositions have caused a severe energy crisis in Europe. Keeping in view the resignation of the British PM, the economic crisis is being changed into a political crisis. Moreover, OPEC PLUS countries have decided to reduce oil production by November posing severe effects on the US. Taking advantage of the situation, Iran’s officials have announced that Tehran can re-introduce its oil in the global market at cheaper rates if the US lifts some sanctions on Iran.

Won’t it enrage Russia?

Iran enters the Ukraine war

Iran knows that an outright inclination toward the west would not be useful. That’s why it has figured out a mid-path. Lately, Mr. Putin visited Iran and it was his first visit after the Ukraine war. In this meeting, it was discussed how Russia will proceed with its oil selling from the back door. Some suggestions included that Iran will fulfill its domestic needs by importing Russian oil and gas at a discount. Iran will sell its oil to European countries. It also was an option that Iran will sell Russian oil to non-western countries playing the role of a bridge. All these strategies are still under consideration. Iran is enjoying a relatively strong position in this turmoil. However, it needs to be careful because the west will not be much comfortable with these policies.

Another significant reason for Iran’s involvement in this war is aligned interests. This is not a war between two countries. It has turned into west versus Russia. This war has challenged west hegemony and the west has put its interests and economy at stake to win this war. Not only Iran but other Asian countries have also supported Russia directly or indirectly. Now, it is to be seen to what extent Iran can take the advantage of this conflict.

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